Here is what my clients and students have to say:

Lisa Biggar has been an invaluable reader and editor of my work. Whether she’s editing fiction or nonfiction, short-stories or my book-length manuscript, her comments are positive and encouraging as well as clear-sighted, direct and comprehensive. She’s provided great direction to help me steer clear of structural errors and has also given me insight into my questions about plot holes, character development and narrative arc. Her ability to help me sharpen both language and theme has been invaluable. I highly recommend her as a writer, teacher and editor and trust her completely to help me view my work from a fresh perspective.
~ Jen Grow, writer, artist, teacher

When I began attending Northern Arizona University I was 36 and it had been nearly 15 years since I had set foot in a classroom.  What was I thinking? I was thinking that I wanted to better my life.  One person that made a HUGE impact on my college experience is Lisa Biggar.  If I remember correctly it was an early morning English 102 class. . . Lisa was the teacher and I was the reluctant, somewhat talented student who would have been satisfied with sitting in my seat putting out mediocre work just to get by.  No such luck. . . Why am I sharing this with you? Simple.  Lisa saw something in me.  Even though my skills were rusty, she helped me stretch and grow, never was she satisfied with my less than attitude.
~ Jean Perry

Lisa Biggar was my masters advisor for an independent study I was doing as part of the Masters of Arts in creative writing. She was the perfect advisor for me. She was bright, informative, and really helped improve my work, without the snooty attitude of someone who is a grammar genius and knows better.
~ Azriela Jaffe, teacher and author of 24 published books

Over the years, Lisa Biggar has been a great reader and editor for my work, especially my short stories and a novel. In fact, some of her suggestions and edits have helped turn very rough drafts into  published stories! I trust her writing skills and intuition and will use her services for the rest of my life!
~ Dan Crawley, writer, teacher
Working with writing teacher Lisa Biggar has been life-changing. Her commitment to her students and their craft is significant. Lisa is supportive, authentic, focused, and flexible. She is a talented writer, and a superior editor. I feel a strong connection with Lisa. Over the years, she has helped me find my characters’ voices. She believes in her students. She prods and pushes in just the right ways. She gets me to move beyond my stuff, so I can wrestle the words to the page, and she never fails to applaud my efforts. I am honored and pleased to be her student.”
~ Brigid Browning