Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas dear friends, 

It is true that each Christmas brings with it a bit more sadness, as more and more loved ones leave us (at least in the visible sense). But with that comes the intense poignancy of the season: make the most of our time together. And do not sweat the small things, like a present missing a bow, or a present gone missing, swept under the rug or couch or tossed in the trash bin. It’s not the presents that matter, it’s the present. That state of being that is so very hard to achieve, but, with mindfulness (that buzz word these days), surely attainable. The key, I believe, is just to breathe in the moment, to look around and truly see what is important: each other, the laughter. It is so easy to get side-tracked. But what always brings us back to that core is so simple. Love. May you all find true joy, peace and love this holiday season and ever on. ~ Lisa