If I had to find one word to sum up the year for Don and me it would have to be ‘expansion.’  I was thinking about this while swimming last eve, my lungs expanding with each rhythmic breath. I thought of the many flowers we transplanted this fall, with the help of my parents and a few wonderful friends. When I walk out in the garden, now, it is as if I can hear the deep expansive breath of the plants.  We also expanded our business this year by inviting the public to two major events on our farm: first a dinner here organized by “Farm Dinners on the Shore,” with several amazing local chefs, and then our first annual “Holiday Happening on the Flower Farm,” with local artists vending, along with a local winery and restaurant. A wonderful time was had by all at both events. And our cat, Neil, aka “The Butler,” took care of parking the cars and greeting the guests. I am also now teaching English part-time at Chesapeake College. And my novel, We Were Here, will soon be available on Kindle and other electronic reading devices. Don has also expanded his talents, working as a landscaper and plumber, as well as a carpenter, and even administering medicine to chickens that he cares for now and then. We have also expanded the room in our home : last year, at this time, we had six cats, two that we were trying to find foster homes for, and I am happy to report that we found a wonderful home for them in Virginia. The furry fab four breathed a huge sigh of relief at that. And they are ever so content now, like the flowers. So things are all well here, growing, expanding, and all content.  I wish the same for you and yours.