Transplanting Transformation

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are in the process of transplanting about a third of our flower farm. . . A process that was at first disheartening, but is now a transformation, inside and out. We are growing wider, spreading our wings, so to speak. Although we are losing land, we have the room to grow/plant on either side, and we are making more lawn into beds (a very good thing!). Transplanting, I have found, is a wonderful thing. Although, of course, jolting to the plants at first, after the transition, they come to love the breathing space, the change of scenery, and since I am so emotionally connected to my flowers, perhaps this is one of the reasons why I’ve set my mind on going to India this winter to study Ashtanga yoga and become a certified teacher. Breathing space.  A change of scenery.  Change can be a wonderful, and very powerful, thing.